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Week 41: An Afternoon with My Dad

This past weekend, I had one of the most memorable moments of my life. Each year, we draw names with my grandmother, one aunt, an uncle and the rest of my family; I got my dad. Since I get discounted tickets through work, I thought it would be cool to see the Vikings play at the Mall of America Field. Granted…this decision was made long before their whopper of a season came into play.

So, I told him of my idea and wanted to see if he would be all for it. He was and chose the game against the New Orleans Saints on December 18th. Since my grandmother would be turning 80 the day before, my entire family decided to come up and celebrate with her. We also figured why not throw in the Christmas party while we were all up here?

Saturday rolled around and my entire family (in-laws included) showed up around 5 pm for dinner at Teppanyaki Grill in south Minneapolis. If you’ve never been and love seafood, sushi, Japanese, Chinese and American cuisine, I highly recommend at least checking the restaurant out. Great food! I had my fill after one plate.

We then headed back to my apartment (a small space for 11 people, but doable) and enjoyed opening gifts and playing a few games, including an uproarious round of Telephone Pictionary. We’re still trying to figure out how one gets “An elf making love to a Christmas tree” out of “Happy Holidays…” but the mystery continues. I might add that the artwork was quite hilarious.

Sunday morning brought brunch at my grandmothers and then a nice walk (the weather was absolutely beautiful) down to the Metrodome. The first half was interesting…second…I think our team forgot there was another half of a game to play. It was brutal; hard to watch…and yet, we still made the most of it and had a blast.

Life definitely is mostly about how you react to the situations that get thrown your way. We could have chosen to be depressed over the fact that our team was really lowzy, but we didn’t. We chose to enjoy ourselves, laugh at stupidity and overall, have a great time.