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High Priest

Jesus has already gone in there for us. He has become our eternal High Priest…Hebrews 6:20

Most of evangelical Christians in today’s modern world don’t get the idea of high priest. I know I truly don’t. We tend to nod in agreement at the mention of it, but we don’t truly get it.

Other forms of religion with persons in place who are higher to God than themselves (the pope, bishops, the holy mother, etc.) may have a better understanding. Jews definitely do.

Prior to the coming of Christ, the high priest was the only way to God for Israel. The high priest was the only one who could make the sin offering; the only one who could enter the most holy place; the only one who could meet with God. Even this high priest had to complete a series of cleansing rituals before he could enter into the presence of God. Once he was there, he would then intercede for all of Israel.

What’s amazing about Jesus is the fact that He was clean. He didn’t need the ceremonial cleansing required of the high priest. He is the High Priest for all of humanity; not just one nation. He came to intercede for the world. He stands in the throne room of God and intercedes for us. He claims and calls us cleansed by His sacrifice. His permanent sacrifice on the cross paid the penalty once and for all. He ushers us into the presence of God and, because we are cleansed by His blood, we can stand in His presence. The very idea floors me and leaves me standing in speechless awe.

hrough our high priest, Jesus, we can approach God’s throne with confidence. We don’t have to be afraid, because our high priest made a way for us. Look at what we are supposed to come confidently to God’s throne for: mercy and grace to help us in our need.

How often in our need do we ask for mercy and grace? Most often we ask for health, money, or things. Instead God wants us to confidently ask for mercy and grace. I don’t often know what form God’s mercy and grace will take, but I do know that His mercy and grace are worth more than financial gain or health. His plan is deeper and better and His mercy and grace are more than enough to help us in our need.

Jesus, our high priest…may we be in awe of You now and always.