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A Branch from Jesse’s Tree

Out of the stump of Jesse’s family will grow a shoot – yes, a new Branch bearing fruit from the old root. Isaiah 11:1

Isaiah’s text foretells the genealogy of Jesus as he would come forth from the lineage of David (Jesse was David’s father). Because of His lineage, Jesus is a true King by blood. More importantly, Isaiah writes of the result Jesus’ legacy has on heaven and earth, even that which affects all until His final victory which His followers will get to enjoy.

My grandparents have a book filled with genealogy information. We don’t come from a line of celebrities or royalty. Some of it I find questionable…I mean, is there really a possibility that someone in my distant family tree line is from Ireland? It’s not really documented, but there is still a possibility…according to my grandmother. She states it with firmness and follows it with “…but I’m not really sure.”

But the message Isaiah brings us gives hope to Israel’s future…and the future of all mankind. He came. He lived. He died to give us life. That Branch is worth rooting yourself to.