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Week 43: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Happy New Year!

Those three words have filled my last twenty four hours to the brim. And I find myself looking back over the past year.

I recall writing up what I called a goal list for last year and have probably only reached half of them in the last 12 months. The pastor at the church I attended this morning made a statement that really hit home:

“God may have given you that dream in the last twelve months, but how do you know that it was meant to come to fruition before now? Maybe this next year will be when those dreams come true.”

Sure, I have plenty of dreams…some of which have kept me awake at night. Some I’ve had since I was a kid and others I came to realize recently.

I’ve been making resolutions…just not New Year’s resolutions. And I’m keeping the list short…for now.

1. Be financially healthy.
2. Be physically healthy. Go to the gym 6 days a week. Do yoga twice a week to start and move my way up to three, if not every day. Eat more vegetables. Drink more water. Lose 10 lbs before my 27th birthday.
3. Finish at least one novel and get it published.
4. Excel in something.
5. Overcome an insecurity of mine.
6. Keep this blog up-to-date.
7. Be active in my community…or at least in the community where the Vine will be planted (Uptown).
8. Volunteer – give time and resources to a cause I believe in in the city.

I’ll pause there…the list has the possibility of growning. Here’s to moving forward in 2012. I have a feeling it’s going to be a great year!