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remembering Sandy Hook…

I remember the day well…christmas-candle-for-alexis-blog-12212010

It was a Friday, just like any other.

December 14, 2012

I was at work when we got notification of policy activity near one of our locations in Connecticut.

None of us thought anything of it. It was normal day. Same notifications. Same issues. Same types of calls.

…a normal day.

Then, the calls starting coming and the entire room got quiet as we watched news broadcasts and tried to make sense of the statements that didn’t make sense (only to find out later that the media had gotten some facts incorrect…jumping the gun before they got the story).

Sadness gripped my heart that day.

I ached for those who had lost children and loved ones.

I’m not a mother (yet) myself, so I can’t even begin to comprehend the grief and the hurt bestowed upon those families and that commuinty that day.

I may not have been able to empathisize but I could sympathize with those people.

I could pray for them half a nation away.

I stumbled on this video yesterday in rememberance of Emilie, a six-year-old girl who lost her life that day.

And as I remembered, I prayed again for all affected by that tragedy and recalled that even in the midst of evil that trampled the ground on that day, Satan didn’t win. The video of Emilie proves it.

Take a few moments to remember them today…those who were lost, those who are hurting…and pray for God’s touch on all of their lives.

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5.16