6 Ways to Love Single Women in Your Church

Special thanks to my friend, Debbie, for posting this ad on Facebook this morning. It was an encouraging read and I am, because of it, thankful for those who have lit up my life in this way.
“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” -I Thessalonians 5:11 (ESV)
Contentment does not entitle you to blessings…what is more helpful: to lovingly encourage a single woman in her relationship with Christ because He is worthy of being pursued himself…she has great value just as she is…and #3: wow – asking a person, “how was work?” can go a long way….and delight in the beauty of the single woman in your life…”show her through words that he beauty reminds you of the beauty of Jesus. Single women are a part of the bride of Christ. Celebrate them as you would celebrate a woman on her wedding day…”

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Last week, my pastor published an article out of a father’s heart for the single women who want to marry in his church body. You can read it here: http://marshill.com/2013/12/13/6-options-for-godly-single-women-wanting-to-marry

The article was like balm for my chaffed, lonesome soul. The life of a single person is full of friction. Relationships are full of confusion, decisions are challenging to make, and each day is pregnant with “maybe never’s” and “not yet’s”. It was a relief to be acknowledged and for the complications to be noted.

At my particular church, married couples far outnumber singletons. This is a wonderful thing! Praise God for so many marriages. However, walking into a church service week after week not sure who you’re going to sit with while observing a sea of heads resting on shoulders and hands being held can bum a girl out. The single woman who wants to marry and loves Jesus…

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