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the big questions

Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. Philippians 1.6

We all ask questions, some more than others.

They roll through our minds the moment we open our eyes in the morning

Can I squeeze in a few more minutes of shut eye?

Did I remember to set the timer on the coffee pot? I need my coffee this morning…

Where did I put that file?

Where are my socks?

The list goes on.

The mundane questions of the day seem trivial when compared to the bigger, deeper questions we ask, whether they are voiced or not. This question(s) may be a lot harder to identify if you haven’t spent time looking within.

Your question may differ from mine. It lurks in the back of our minds, affecting our attitude, outlook, and behavior on a daily basis.

When we get really honest, our big question may look something like this:

Am I really loved?

Why am I here?

Does what I do even matter?

Do I matter?

Do I really belong?

Our questions differ based on our backgrounds, personalities and current situations. Those questions leave a huge hole in our lives and we, mere humans, burn so much time and energy in trying to find something to fill it.

To answer the question, “Am I really loved?” we may look to people and relationships for affection and approval. We jump from one relationship to another when the going gets tough and you start asking the question all over again.

Though we may not out rightly ask, “Does what I do matter?” we may look for every opportunity to earn a special award, a boss’s recognition, or another promotion or pay-raise at work.

We may not vocalize our questions about belonging. Instead, we find ourselves second-guessing everything we do and over-thinking situations before they actually happen, and that’s if they do.

Living that way isn’t fun. It’s downright exhausting…and terrifying when you place your worth, value and, ultimately, the answer you’re seeking in other people, relationships or objects.

No matter what question you are facing today, there is only One who can provide the answer that satisfies the deepest part of you.

God, the Creator of the universe, alone holds the answer to your biggest questions.

I’ve only recently begun to discover just how deep my questions ran and how God alone can quench the deepest part of me. Once that thirst, that longing, is satisfied, you come to understand that nothing this world offers can fill it – not the people in your life, not the material things you possess.


God can and will answer those questions…

Am I really loved?

Does what I do matter?

Do I belong?

and any other question that you may be facing or will face

…with the resounding message of his unfailing, never-ending love.

Rather than seeking validation in material things or relationships, you can turn to God for the answers to your biggest questions. And when you do, you will find God embracing us – the deepest and most hidden parts of us – and loving you more than you ever dared believe.

That is my hope for you; that you will recognize who holds the answers to your biggest questions and that you will take them to him when you need the answer. Allow yourself to be infused by God’s love, grace, kindness, peace and joy.

© Anita J. Brands. 2014. Website: https://authentictruthseeker.wordpress.com/