with the new year comes a new lens

ef707021510966629c883de78cdff843I’m all about keeping my readers up to date with any upcoming series/writings that my creative mind is currently spinning. January 1, 2014 kicks off a new year.

Another new beginning

A fresh start

Chances to begin again

That being said, I’m going to attempt taking a fresh, new perspective (for me at least) in reading the Bible.

Most people read through the Bible in a year. Sadly, I’ve tried and failed, but what good is there in not getting back up and trying again?

I’ll be doing so again, but will be adding a character study with each reading.

Each character

Not just the big ones.

I’m talking about Enoch and Seth, Mordecai and Tamar (both that are mentioned in the Bible).

There are more than 365 characters, so what follows may be longer than a given year and I can guarantee I won’t be writing one up every day. Some may need more study than others. After all, Moses has more than one “story” connected to him.

For example, there’s the way he was found in the basket among the reeds in the Nile by Pharaoh’s daughter, the way he was raise in the palace, the burning bush, the ten plagues, the crossing of the Red Sea, water from the rock at Mara, the Ten Commandments…the list goes on.

There may even be more than one write-up per character, especially the big ones.  

I’ve also been reading through Nichole Nordeman’s Love Story (found here) and her creative writing and fresh perspective forces the reader to look at scripture differently.

I want that.

A changing of my mindset

A different perspective

I grew up reading the Bible, starting at a very young age. It’s easy for me to allow it to become commonplace; for me to go through the motions.

I’ve read this one before…nothing new since the last time I read it.

What now?

Do I really need to read it again?

And when it comes to books like Leviticus, I inwardly cringe (sorry God). In my opinion, it’s one of the most boring books of the Bible…all numbers, whining and complaining…most of it seems repeated from Exodus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. I’ve often wanted to rip my hair out with how bored I get with that book (I highly recommend pairing it with another book – it will make it that much more bearable).

That being said, I hope you enjoy my findings as well as any research put into this project.

Happy New Year!

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