Daily Archives: December 28, 2013

bound and determined

2014 is quickly approaching and I am bound and determined to allow it, within the will of God, to be another year of growth, renewal and formation. I know it won’t be easy, but it’s what I ultimately want: him and to become more and more the person he intended me to be at Creation.

That being said, here’s the start of my bucket list for 2014:

  1. Prep for moving day – August 2014
  2. Get 4th/5th tattoos
  3. Take several mental health days throughout the year – to rest in Him and maintain my sanity
  4. Save!
  5. Do more of what I love doing
  6. Start a new hobby and use it to serve others
  7. Consider taking on a 2nd job to help with number four
  8. Saving money for December’s Christmas gifts/making them throughout the year
  9. Plan a spiritual retreat somewhere and go. Alone.
  10. Plan at least one date night a week for just me – alone – out to a movie, dinner, a picnic in a park, a coffee-shop paired with a good book.
  11. Take Mindy Hale’s advice, pair it with God’s and live it.
  12. Finish writing at least one novel and explore options of getting it published.
  13. Write more. Period.
  14. Window shop for inspiration
  15. Bargain shop for new pieces for my new apartment before/after my move.
  16. Minimize what I already have – sell/donate what I don’t need
  17. Menu plan
  18. Find where my passions and personality collide and find a way to make a living at it – learn to live the dreams he’s given me in a way to honor and glorify him.
  19. Explore more and discover more of what I love to do
  20. Volunteer more
  21. Read more
  22. Watch less TV/movies – Hollywood’s version of reality sucks anyway
  23. Create/Make new items for my new home – let creativity flow!
  24. Budget
  25. Build and deepen relationships
  26. Focus on bettering myself in all aspects of life for his glory – health, fitness, finances, professional, emotional, etc.
  27. Seek out personal counseling just to hash through any emotional junk I may be dealing with and utilize that to live my life to its fullest right now
  28. Focus on my relationship with God and keep it my primary
  29. Live based on a standard of grace, not perfection
  30. Learn to really like myself
  31. Live Happyily, whether I find my Ever After or not
  32. View my “Ever After” in light of the Cross
  33. Create more
  34. Take more long walks wherever my feet take me
  35. Take a few more roadtrips, just because.
  36. Live

What do you hope to accomplish in the coming year? What are some of your goals or, if you’re the type, your resolutions? Will you keep them? Will you break them?

Pray for God’s guidance in making those decisions as we step closer and closer to 2014….less than six days away!

keeping Christ

The title of this post is “Keeping Christ” for good reason. I don’t want to keep him just in Christmas, but all year long. How do we do that? What does that even look like?

It seems easy, but it isn’t.

We need to have him present in our everyday life, not just seasonally.

Keeping Christ is more about how you live your life than the things you say. You can say that you love Jesus; that you’re a Christian, but if you don’t live it, those words mean very little.

Keeping Christ in your life means revealing the character, love and spirit of Christ that dwells in you on a daily basis, not just once a year. It would be impossible to do that once a year. Think about it. How would you become like Christ if you don’t spend time with him?

It’s through those actions that we are able to reveal Christ to others.

How does one maintain a relationship with a person you can’t physically see? What does that look like?

  1. Give God one very special gift from you to him – it must be something personal; no one else needs to know about it and these gifts will require sacrifice on your part. Maybe it’s forgiving another. Maybe it’s submitting more of your time/life to him. Maybe it’s something he’s asked you to give up – the longing for marriage or children, or maybe the desires you have for your career. Trust him with it – you won’t regret it.
  2. Set aside time to read through the Christmas story throughout the year and be reminded of the anticipation of that season and the hope we have of his return.
  3. Keep your Nativity scene up in your home – you don’t have to do this, but I’ve done it before and it serves as a great reminder of what he did for me.
  4. Schedule in time to volunteer on a regular basis. Christ came for the underdogs, so to speak. We show him love by loving the least of us.
  5. Visit the elderly or children in a children’s hospital.
  6. Give gifts of service to your family members throughout the year. Jesus came to serve us and he commands that we serve others rather than ourselves.
  7. Set aside time each day for devotions, time in the Word and prayer.
  8. Attend church regularly and get plugged in to a small group. You’ll never know how valuable these tools are in keeping you grounded in Christ and accountable to what he has called us to be if you don’t.
  9. Send letters throughout the year to share the good  news of what God has done and is doing for you; not just at Christmas. I like to include the gospel message in mine…you never know who God will reach through you.
  10. Write a letter to a missionary. We all need encouragement to get through this life.