traditions: ribbon candy and the Christmas sack

Speaking of children’s Christmas pageants, I remember getting a brown lunch bag full of whole peanuts, hard candy and an orange after each pageant. They called it a Christmas sack. I also remember old fashioned hard Christmas candy.

Do you?

Christmas ribbon candy, old fashioned peppermint, grapefruit candy and more.

I remember it all.

My great-grandfather used to have a tin full of the stuff in his room at Edgebrook Care Center and he’d share his goodies with us when we visited. He’s also open that tin when local groups came through to sing Christmas carols during the holiday season.

I miss that…ac05f836f4ba1961a82404c8e8b08eb0

There are few things sweeter at Christmas time than those pieces of old-fashioned Christmas candy. Other than time spent with family, gift-giving and the focus on Christ, I remember those Christmas bags and my great-grandfather with fondness.

Oh, nostalgia…

Did you know that the first type of Christmas candy came in the form of candy canes?

In 1672, the choirmaster of Cologne Cathedral created white, sugary sticks to keep the children quiet in his church. Those boring, white staffs have changed some over the years into what we see on store shelves all around the world. They even come in different flavors. Remember the Starburst kind? My mother used to hang candy canes on our tree to be enjoyed throughout the season (within moderation, of course).

A few years ago, I stumbled on some sugar-free old fashioned candy and have since bought my grandmother a bag each year. Hmm…

49f1c6638715a4ea8476efdf270235f7And those Christmas sacks also reminded the children of the meager beginnings of Christ. They weren’t extravagant, by any means, and carried a small amount of candy (the riches found within).

That is what I remember when I think of Christmas candy and those Christmas sacks. I had all but forgotten about the latter until I was reading through a novel that brought those memories back.

How about you? What Christmas traditions and festivities do you recall from your childhood that aren’t around anymore?

Remember those.

And remember Jesus’ humble beginnings and reflect on what he came to accomplish.

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