traditions: churchie Christmas plays

I attended a Christian elementary school when I was a kid and each year, post-Kindergarten, I looked forwarded the Christmas pageant they put on with the local church.

Each year, I was selected to be an angel, probably more so due to the fact that my red hair gave me a natural halo than anything else, but oh — oh, how I wanted to be Mary.

Just once

After what seemed like eons of trying out, I finally got the part when I was in the 4th grade. I don’t remember much from that night other than pretending to hold Jesus in my arms.

That was the year that he became so very personal to me.

I remember it clearly, as if at first waking from a dream and realizing that it had become reality.

He is personal and yet for everyone at the same time.

I’ve grown some since then – 28 versus 10 – but I still look forward to Christmas pageants each year. I haven’t had the chance to attend one here in the Twin Cities yet, but I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled and hope to at some point in the near future.


Because they remind me of that night…

Of that moment…

A moment in time where Jesus revealed to me just how personal he really is.

He came

for you

for me

for all.

What are some traditions/things that remind you of a defining moment in your walk with Christ? We all have them. Feel free to share in the comments below.

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