traditions: the holly and the ivy

750e351dedf22ea28c1769015e565e21Adding a touch of green, something alive, in the midst of the white snow, makes Christmas that much warmer and brighter. That touch of décor is made that much more attractive with the added red, gold, purple, and blue hues of the holidays.

I have garland wrapped around the spires on my balcony, with white lights that now shine through the fresh layer of snow, giving it a glistening sheen – with just a touch of Christmas – and one swath of it hanging over my make-shift mantle; my entertainment center.  I don’t have any tinsel garland wrapped around my tree, but I do have it up at work. It’s frilly and a little messy when cut, but it does the job.

But how do these Christmas traditions connect with Jesus?

The Holly: Did you know that in Scandinavia, this plant is known as the Christ Thorn? The prickly leaves represent the crown of thorns that Jesus wore when he was crucified. The berries represent the drops of blood shed by Christ.

The Ivy: Ivy has to cling to something for support as it grows just as we need to cling to Christ for support in our lives and we become what God ultimately created us to be.

Beautiful connections, aren’t they?

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