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a new adventure


Some call it thrill-seeking. Some think that only certain things or activities would qualifiy: climbing Mt. Everest, sailing in the Caribean, going to a foreign country, rock climbing, parasaling, etc. The list goes on…

What comes to your mind when you think of hear or see that word?

For me, it’s my living-breathing-feeble existance. I find it by taking a different route to work in the morning. I find it by exploring a part of the city I haven’t seen yet. I find it by taking a random day trip, driving along any of the scenic highways here in Minnesota. I find it when I return home. It’s everywhere.


I seek it. I thrive on it. I dig it.

When I was a child, I would spend entire afternoons exploring the grove that surrounded my parents’ meager acreage. I’d find mushrooms, bugs, rotting carcasses (I can hear the collective “ugh(s)” and “ew(s)” coming from most of you), and many other things. I collected pieces of wood, stones and colored leaves; creating the greatest of all art projects, some of which my mother still has. I let my imagination soar, pretending that I was Lady Miriam in Robin Hood’s latest quest through the woods or perhaps even Queen Guinevere waiting for King Arthur and his knights to rescue me from the dangers of the trolls that lived in the trees. I also remember building forts with my younger siblings. A smile spreads across my face at the memory.


I tend to get tired of the same-old, day-in-day-out “mundaneness” of everyday life (not all of it, mind you) and refuse to settle. That was evident as a child…I was always moving on to the next thing rather than taking the time to enjoy a current situation or season in my life. I couldn’t wait to graduate high school and get out of that small town/away from the farm. I’ve since learned to appreciate the here and now and take time to live in the moment and enjoy it, but I still prefer change and growth in this beautiful mess of a life I’ve been blessed with and challenge myself in getting there. I probably always will. It’s not always easy and this new endeavor definitely won’t be any different.

My entire life up until this point has been full of adventure.  From those adventures in the “woods” on my parents’ farm to moving to Minneapolis in 2011 to be a part of an active, thriving, living and breathing church and everything in between, I wouldn’t have it any other way. And now, I find myself at the start of yet another in the midst of the ongoing adventure that is my life.

This last Friday, September 13th, I hosted a Party Lite party. This was not my first dance with this company as I have hosted shows/parties with them before, but this time….


Iin His ever-constant loving way

had His hand in it.

For the last 3-4 months, I’ve been contemplating searching out another job or some other form of income to help make ends meet. With the cost of living continuously going up and inflation on the rise, we all have to manage this at some point in our lives and that’s where I’m at currently. I’ve spent the majority of that time tossing around ideas of working as a barista at a coffee shop or heading back into retail, both of which do not really appeal to me(outside of the fact that I do love my coffee). Now, I understand that sacrifices need to be made and that this wouldn’t last forever, but my involvement at church and at my main gig need to be brought into consideration.

And boy, have I prayed about it.

Enter in this past Friday evening’s event.

I originally scheduled that party to earn credit towards getting a few new pieces for my decor collection (a hobby, for now), but God had other plans.

Through the help and support of some of my closest friends and my consultant’s personal story on how she got started with Party Lite (which was also totally brought about by God), I had some serious thinking to do. My party sales exceeded what I had hoped for and my consultant graciously laid out three different options before me:

  1. Make like your average host and walk away with credit and rewards.
  2. Become a consultant and make like a host…and then some.
  3. Pay $99.00 for the smaller kit and earn similar rewards like those in option one.

Now, the last two options gave me the ability to start working as a Party Lite consultant right away while setting my own hours. Plus, I get the perks of having an online website and great earning potential should I choose that route.

I spent the next couple of hours praying, talking this over with a trusted advisory, adding a lengthy entry to my journal and reading scripture when Luke 17.33 grabbed my attention:

“Whoever tries to keep his life will lose it, and the one who’s prepared to lose his life will preserve it.”

My beloved Jesus spoke those words over 2000 years ago and they still apply to so many things today. He is basically saying, “There are two ways to view life: as something to protect or something to pursue. The wisest are not the ones with the most years in their lives, but the most life in their years.”

I prefer the latter more. While I do hope to live a long life, I want life in the days God has ordained for me more, no matter how long that is. I can choose to take the safe route or I can embrace the adventure God is laying before me.

I may not know what tomorrow will bring, but I know Who holds my tomorrow. If this is one way He’s helping me realize a dream and make it real, along with everything else He’s given me, in this life, I’m all for it. Dreams are becoming reality…and home decorating is just one of the many things I enjoy doing in my spare time. He gave me passion in that area for a reason. Maybe it’s time I realize the full potential He’s given me. And while this new adventure terrifies me on some level, I’m excited too. I’m embracing this. I’m embracing Him.  

You can too. Take the adventurous route. Adopt the child. Teach the class. Change careers. Make a difference.

It isn’t safe, but, what in this life is? Take the chance on Him. He promises that it will be worth it.

**And for those of you who are wondering what Party Lite is or simply want to browse/shop, please check out my website here. If you are in the Minnesota/South Dakota/Iowa or Wisconsin area and would like to book a show, please let me know.

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