Daily Archives: November 2, 2012

Day 2: Life

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10





What would you consider a full life? What would that look like? When was the last time you lived life to the fullest? What exactly does it mean to live life to the fullest? What was Jesus getting at when he made that statement?

I know…tough questions…but someone has to ask them.

It means turning to God to fulfill our purpose, not looking for our meaning in other people, material wealth or even our careers.

Do you know someone who has lived life to its fullest? I do. Her name was Sara. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 and recently left her earthly body behind to spend eternity dancing with Jesus. But it was prior to her diagnosis and how she lived her life during the years in between that will forever be etched in my memory. In spite of her trial, she chose love. She chose joy. She chose grace. And what’s more amazing? She allowed God to bless the lives of so many others through her.

Jesus came…for that. Jesus came so that we may have life – to the fullest. How often are we just getting by in survival mode? How frequently do you think of yourself as just “hanging in there”? I’m guilty of it.

Jesus didn’t come to earth so we could just do pretty well under the circumstances. He came so that we may have a full life!

Life won’t be easy. Jesus said that we would have trouble in this world (John 16:33). But we must take heart for He has overcome the world. We don’t have to paste a smile on our face every moment and claim that we are joyful when we simply are not. God welcomes honesty, but He doesn’t want us to remain miserable. Remember what Jesus gave so that we could live life to the max. Choose joy (or moments of it).

I will forever be grateful to people like Sara who chose to live life fully in spite of their circumstance; for the example they set for the rest of us…a glimpse of Jesus giving life to the full. And I’m thankful that I can have the same life through Jesus Christ who rescued me.

I stumbled on a poem written by Pastor and fitness expert Paul Davis that captures one man’s idea. I’d like to share it with you.

Live Life to the Fullest
Fly a kite
Ride a bike
Take a walk in the park
Read Saint Mark
Have lunch with mother
Play ball with brother
Go to Colorado to snow ski
Help humanity
In some small way
Put a smile on faces
By what you say
Do so
Each and every day
Before time slips away

Write a book
Bait a hook
And go fishing
In church start singing
Sail to islands
Mountain climb the highlands
Plant a garden
Don’t let your heart harden
Do your best
Forget the rest
Take an afternoon nap on Sunday
Go to Disney World
For a fun day

Pen out a poem
Take your lover to Rome
Go on an African safari
Learn to sincerely say
I’m sorry
Seek God’s blessing
And forget luck
Go to China
And eat Beijing duck
Catch a wave down under
In surfer’s paradise
Use better adjectives than “nice”
Understand economic policy
Ice-skate in New York City
At Rockefeller Station
Don’t back-stab in conversation
Love by demonstration

Be good to your body
In diet, exercise and hobby
Be creative and create
The joy it brings cannot wait!
Instinctively sense destiny
Playing no games with fate
If you must be there
Don’t be late
Know people and seasons
Discern motives and interconnecting reasons
When in doubt believe
Work hard and joyfully receive
The blessings that come your way
Knowing God governs each day
Give thanks rather than complain
Complaints only increase the pain

Realize your contribution to all
Decide to stand tall
Hold to integrity, dignity, and purpose
Be bold and stay on life’s course
Be part of the solution
Rather than the problem
Be pro, for them
An advocate
A mediator
A masterful change agent
A heave sent
Breath of fresh air
Imparting love, hope and care.