God Will Show You :: Just Go

Genesis 12:1: Go to the land I will show you.
                                                                                       – God

Each day, I get these really cool, sometimes nifty, and other times deep devotionals in my inbox. Below, you will find one that I found myself thinking about as I read it this morning. Lately, I’ve been contemplating whether call center work is all God has for me in this life and have discovered that career-wise it’s not. I’ve been thinking about going back to school; praying about it; meditating on what God wants me to do…contemplating how I could even afford to go back to school. To study what, you ask? Psychology/Counseling…get my masters in it and do something with my life that will leave an impact in ways I don’t feel I’m doing now. Enjoy:

We all know instinctively, even if we can’t articulate it exactly, that something isn’t squaring up. There’s a huge gap between what God said in His word and the results we see in our lives.

It’s like we’ve been lulled into comfortable complacency. Then we wake up one day to find ourselves stuck in miserable mediocrity. So we tuck away any dreams and notions of the great things we’d like to do for God.

After all, we’re doing good. Good enough. It kind of sucks. But it’s all we know.

If that’s where you are today, I need to share a strong word of warning with you.

You can’t keep living this way. It’s not fine for you to settle. Base-line living is not okay. Not for a believer in Jesus. There are opportunities awaiting for you to be used by God, to touch lives, to get outside yourself and be a part of something greater.


As you pursue your something greater, God isn’t going to tell you how He will do it, only that He will do it. God’s directions can be painfully vague and incomplete sometimes. After He tells Abraham, “Go to the land I will show you,” He abruptly stops talking (Genesis 12:1). He doesn’t give him a road map. He doesn’t give him a detailed life plan. He doesn’t give him a GPS. Only a directive: “Abraham- just go.”

He’ll do the showing if you will do the going.

You can’t think too far ahead about where you’ll end up. You can only go where He tells you to go today. When you wake up the next morning, He’ll show you where to go tomorrow. The day after that, He’ll show you where to go that day and the next.

If He told you the whole thing at once, it would probably freak you out. Besides, He’s trying to teach you how to walk by faith. And most of all, His greatest ambition in leading you into greater things isn’t that you would know what to do. It’s that you would know who He is.

That’s why the simple, uncomplicated word “go” is not the Father’s plan to disorient you but His attempt to develop you. It’s an imperative born out of compassion, not out of cruelty. This is God’s method of teaching us to draw near to Him. And in that process, we receive so much more than just good instructions. We experience deeper intimacy with God Himself.

Ask yourself this:
If you already have an idea of what greater thing God might have in mind for you, what is it?
If you don’t yet have an idea, what do you see as the plus side of going on this trust journey with God?


God, I read the Bible stories of the many things You did through Your people. Amazing things. History changing things. Greater things. And I have to admit, I have doubts You could use a person like me in the same way. Otherwise, I’d be living in all out pursuit of Your plans for my life. I’m not doing that. I’m living to get by and be comfortable. God, I’m asking You today to give me greater confidence to embrace the plan You have for my life. I want to take the first step today. I want to follow you like never before.


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One thought on “God Will Show You :: Just Go

  1. Alyssa H. August 22, 2012 at 10:08 AM Reply

    Thanks for posting today! I too struggle with feeling like my life isn’t adventurous enough and I see other people doing crazy, cool things for God and I wonder why I’m not. God has reminded me so often that Jesus was a carpenter (blue collar, construction worker) and then walked around homeless and hungry, then died a horrible, gruesome death for a crime he did not commit. Our culture would have viewed him as the most unsuccessful person. However He lived the life that was set up for him, and thank goodness! It wasn’t as adventurous as Noah or Moses, but God calls us to many different places and sometimes the ‘market place’ is boring… I’m sure it was for Jesus, but sometimes God places us in less self-fulfilling jobs to teach us that life isn’t about us- it’s about Him. Ask yourself: If God kept you at this job for the next 40 years would it be ok? Would you take joy in your position? Chasing after God instead of ourselves is tough stuff, but I hope wherever He leads you that you find fulfillment and joy 🙂

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