Daily Archives: April 7, 2012

The Way, the Truth and the Life

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

There are many ways to follow and many ways to live one’s life. I’ve tried out many. I’ve tried the ways of selfishness, watching my own back, being as comfortable as possible, and serving myself as much as possible with indulgences and entertainment. I have tried the ways of promoting my reputation trying to gain the praise of man, which often involved wearing masks, lying and hypocrisy. These all left me feeling empty. These ways from the world all promised maximum happiness and pleasure, but, in reality they all resulted in isolation and numbness. They all led to death. The promises and ways for the world are all lies.

Only Jesus is the way. If a person is to truly follow God, they can only do so if they follow Jesus.

Jesus did not say He was “a way” to God; He did not say He “knew the way” to God; He did not say, “He had the way” to God; He did not say He was “the best way” to God. Jesus said, “I am the Way.”

There is no need to look for a way to find the Way. He is the one-way, the straightway, the narrow way, the uncluttered and unhindered way—without crooked places, U-turns, or dead-ends. Every other way is the broad way, the perilous way, and the rough way. All other ways lead in the wrong direction.

Jesus is the right way, the true way, and the only way to God. His way is the highway of holiness, the roadway of righteousness, and the pathway of peace. He is the way to everything good, right, just, and holy. His is the way to love and He is the way of love.

Because He is the Way, you can seek Him, receive Him, follow Him, walk with Him— full of faith, full of hope, full of joy, full of purpose, full of light.

Only Jesus is truth. He tells His followers that He is the source. Without Him, mankind would know nothing at all, and in coming to Him, His disciples arrive at truth itself. We can be confident in everything He says.  

Truth is not information that we must study and learn with our intellect, but Truth is a person that we must receive and know in our hearts by faith. It is not the knowledge of facts that sets us free, it is in knowing the Truth, the Lord Jesus Christ, that sets us free.

Jesus is truly the Truth, the eternal Truth, the absolute Truth. He is not relative truth or cultural truth that is only applicable for certain societies or certain periods of time.

Jesus did not say He “knew the truth;” He did not say He “had the truth;” He did not say He was “one of many truths” that will bring us to God. Jesus said, “I am the Truth.” In Him is no darkness, no deceit, no lie, no error, no exaggeration, no spin, no dishonesty, no pretense, and no pretend.

Jesus is not a half-truth, but the full Truth, the only Truth and nothing but the Truth. There is no need to look for a truth that will bring us to the Truth. Other “truths” will tickle our ears, or try to make us feel good about ourselves, but other “truths” will keep us in the darkness. Other “truths” are clouds of deception that keep us forever wandering, but never finding God or coming to the knowledge of the Truth.

Because Jesus is the Truth, He will speak the Truth—You can open your ears to Him and listen, you can open your heart to Him and trust, you can open your will to Him and surrender.

Only Jesus is Life. He leads to a true life that is full; abundantly full. When we follow Jesus’ way of sacrificial love, humbleness and servitude, we experience life. I thrive when I focus on being a part of His good work; when I allow Him to work through me. I love being useful to Him. I love forgetting about myself and losing myself for the sake of others. This is how we’re designed to live and it’s the way God has marked out for us. I’m so thankful for the multiple chances God gives in welcoming us back to Him.

Jesus is Life and the meaning of life. To live in Him is to be fully alive. His life is the good life, the abundant life, and the undefiled life. His life is deep like a well, mighty like an ocean, and flowing like a river. His life grows sweeter, richer, and dearer to the heart that knows Him and abides in Him. His life is not momentary or fleeting, but forever lasting.

Jesus did not say He “had the life;” He did not say He “knew the life;” He did not say He “will bring us to the life.” Jesus said, “I am the Life.” Jesus is the real life, the true life, the only life that is eternal life. There is no need to look for a life that will bring you to the Life. Jesus is the full life, complete life, abundant life. Other “life” will drain us, deplete us, and wear us down. Other “life” brings us death. Other “life” may help us cope or help us feel good for the moment, but no other life can bring God’s life to us.

To have Jesus is to have the Way, the Truth, and the Life. There is no need to add anything to Him or to take anything away. It is in Jesus alone that we have the Way, we know the Truth, and we possess the Life that brings us to the Father.

Our belief in the trustworthiness of the Bible rests on our confidence that Christ is Truth itself. Those denying the Bible’s reliability are really denying Christ Himself. If you have friends claiming to be Christians but denying the Bible’s truth, help them see that real commitment to Christ means real commitment to the Scripture’s veracity.