Daily Archives: March 20, 2012

Everlasting Father

And He will be called….Everlasting Father. Isaiah 9:6

Christ – the Everlasting Father.

In Hebrew, the phrase literally means “Father of Eternity.” This speaks of the purpose of His coming and what Jesus of Nazareth was talking about when He claimed deity. In the unity of t he Godhead, He claimed equality with the Father. He is before, above, and beyond time. He is processor of eternity. He is eternally like a father to His people. This is not just a statement about the trinity, but about the character of our Lord.

I may not fully comprehend how the Son can be the Father, but I don’t need to. The very  thought brings me wondrous comfort. I understand that what Christ has done, does and will do for His children in eternity is similar to what a good earthly father does for his children…as long as he lives. The father image is used figuratively as both a protector and benefactor. All that a good father is, Jesus is to His children.

Because he is like a father, he cares for his people. Because he owns eternity, he can give us eternal life. That’s important for those who live on this sin-cursed planet. No one lives forever. Sooner or later we will all find our own place in the graveyard. We are not immortal but transitory. We’re here today, gone tomorrow. A dead Christ will do us no good. Dying men need an undying Christ.

For some, it’s hard to picture what a real father looks like. We live in a “world without fathers.” Many lack a father who provides care, concern, and a protective nurturing relationship that draws an appreciative “Abba Father” from them. Biblical fatherhood must be preached and taught. Not only that, but it must be lived out. (I strongly encourage you to watch the film Courageous as well as follow it up by reading either The Resolution for Men by the Kendrick brothers – if you’re a man – or The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer – if you’re a woman.)

He is a father forever! That’s important to me because I have a father, but not a father forever. He was born a child, destined to bring fatherly care. Always and forever. In this, the children of God place their faith and hope