Daily Archives: January 22, 2012

Train Up a Child in the Way

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 ESV

Let’s say that you are training your body to run in a marathon, or maybe you’re training yourself to play well on the basketball court. First, you have a goal that you’re trying to accomplish. There’s some result that you want, whether it’s being able to make a jump shot every time or being able to run a mile in five minutes.

Second, you have some type of training curriculum; you have a plan that you’re following to reach that goal. This involves repetition. You have to do it over and over again so that you’re trained to do it. So now let’s apply this to what scripture says. There is obviously a goal we try to reach with our children. Now, while I may not personally be a parent, I’ve seen this evident in how my parents raised me and my younger siblings. There’s a result that they wanted, which is for their kids to be Godly, mighty, and blessed seed in the earth. And the curriculum that they needed to use in training us is and was the Word of God.

This of course involves the need for repetition.

I’ve learned by watching them and seeing how other parents my age that what this scripture is really talking about is similar to programming a computer. What’s being done is a programming of their spirits. They’re being taught the Word of God so that this becomes a part of their own spiritual programming. As parents, or as persons involved in influencing the children around you, we need to keep giving the Word of God to children so that the Word abides on the inside of them, becomes a part of their programming, and eventually they can automatically make the right decisions.

We have to keep teaching them the Word of God and making sure that they understand the boundaries that the Word has given them. If we don’t give your children boundaries, they will absolutely ruin their lives. They have to learn about boundaries in the home before they’ll really be able to stay within the boundaries outside of the home. We have to teach them about things that they can and cannot do, and then we have to repeat it over and over.

Training requires constant attention. Sometimes we can get so caught up in regular life—and in many cases just surviving–that we forget about training. And before we know it, our child’s all grown up and we never really trained them, and then we wonder about the result that we see. One of the most important things that each of us, individually, will ever do on this planet is train up our own children.

Doing that should be a high priority in your life. So ask yourself: what kind of job am I doing in training my children so that they can be the type of person that God wants them to be and therefore a person that will be blessed?