Week 40: An Evening of Music

“The whole idea of my music now is honesty and really being who I am. It’s not really something I decide, and it’s not something that you learn.” ~ Jim Brickman

Last night, I enjoyed my annual concert event…one artist I would splurge on (granted, the tickets were the cheapest I could find): Jim Brickman.

Jim was joined by Andrea Cochran, Tracy Silverman and Benjamin Utecht (a professional football player who made it to the Superbowl with the Colts in 2006 turned singer). The latter is also from Hastings, MN and now lives in Minneapolis (thought that last tidbit was pretty sweet).

All of them were amazing…as was the Minnesota Orchestra. This was the first time I had heard them and Utecht before and both were great.

What made the evening even better was the presence of my grandmother. Being able to enjoy the evening with her prior to another milestone in her own life (turning 80) was an honor.

Below are some tracks from YouTube – enjoy!


Seen in the link above with Anne Cochran…but this…wow. http://youtu.be/L8-oNdc-T0g


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