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25 Days of Christmas – Day 1: 25 Things I Love About Christmas

Hello, my little virtual world. Hello to my friends and family, and to all who read this blog.

The Christmas season is officially here even though several stores have had their merchandise out since July and all have had their displays up since before Halloween. Crazy how they commecialize the holiday earlier and earlier each year. As much as I love this holiday, I do think it gets a bit insane.

This year, I thought I would try something different and I will be writing something up every day between now and Christmas. I invite you along. Read. Enjoy. Leave a comment…I welcome them. This…is for you; a gift from me. Merry Christmas.

25 Things I Love About Christmas

    1. Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ
    2. Christmas lights.
    3. Decking the halls…literally. My tree goes up long before Thankgiving.
    4. A great Christmas tree – they smell amazing.
    5. The scents of Christmas: Vanilla, berries, balsam fir/evergreen/pine, cinnamon,
    6. Hallmark holidy movies and old Christmas classics.
    7. Christmas music everywhere. At home, in the car, at the mall, at church.
    8. The magic that seems to fill the air this time of year, especially the holiday cheer.
    9. Baking – Christmas cookies!
    10. Writing up my annual Christmas letter and sending them out.
    11. Christmas cards.
    12. Christmas parties. It’s the fellowship that binds us.
    13. Gifts – giving and receiving.
    14. Better yet – volunteering for some charity and following through with it all year long.
    15. Buying a gift for or helping someone less fortunate and not expecting anything in return.
    16. The excitement I still feel on Christmas eve…it’s like Christmas caffeine.
    17. Speaking of caffiene…Peppermint White Mochas…it’s literally Christmas in a cup.
    18. Playing Christmas music on the piano and maybe coming up with some of my own stylings or even a new tune.
    19. Candy canes
    20. Christmas party games/game night in general (winter usually brings this out)
    21. A white Christmas. Admit it, it doesn’t truly feel like Christmas if there isn’t any snow. (At least four inches).
    22. Family time.
    23. Watching children open their gifts on Christmas Eve/morning.
    24. Nativity scenes.
    25. Family traditions.

What’s on your list this year?