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Week 36: Breaking Dawn

Vampires. Wolves. Love triangles. And the beauty of science fiction!

I recently finished reading Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga for the third time and recently watched Breaking Dawn in theatres.

This last read-through consisted of more than just my enjoyment of the tale. Many Christians have been questioning whether the books and movies of this saga are good. I read through it this time (as well as watched Breaking Dawn) looking specifically at the religious implications placed in the story. Have you looked at this aspect? Or even wondered about it?

There is a lot of skepticism on the morality of the Twilight series. I found the following ideals that go along with my Christian faith.

First, Edward struggles with the idea that he might not have a soul and therefore might end up in Hell. The fact that Heaven and Hell are even brought up in mainstream fiction is very encouraging. Also, the reader will note that Edward’s ultimate goal is to get Bella to a better place (Heaven), even if he doesn’t.  Edward demonstrates a very sincere, selfless kind of love, the kind a Christian should have for the people in their lives.

Second, there’s the theme of abstinence…until marriage. Very rarely is this theme even written about in mainstream fiction.

While with some secular fiction, you have to be very careful of what we allow ourselves to see and hear. In this series of novels, there are a few places where the characters are cursing to express themselves, but would I be wrong in supposing that it is less than many of us hear in our everyday lives?

Overall, I would recommend them. But if you find yourself uncomfortable with the idea of even glimpsing at the words or film, then don’t. We shouldn’t do things just because our peers do. Follow your own heart and the Spirit’s guidance.

Feel free to share your thoughts!