Daily Archives: May 3, 2011

Week 6: Goodbye, for Now

Don’t be afraid to keep moving on.
For what was before, now has gone.
God wants to accomplish so much more,
But we need to move forward in the Lord.
~ M.S. Lowndes, Based on Isaiah 43:18-19


A few days ago, I said my farewells to some dear friends back in Brookings, SD. I moved to Minneapolis in March and am just now returning to the city I now call home after spending a bittersweet weekend in Brookings, SD.

Going back was good, in many ways. I was able to get closure and see some friends who have become dear to my heart during the last six years of the ministry we were all a part of. aturday evening was spent just hanging out. We played games, caught up and just talked until late in the evening.

I played during the morning’s church service and was honored to be a part of the commissioning for the Vine. It was strange, how I felt, given that I had been in the cities already, paving the way, so to speak. That was hardly the case. Being up front again was enjoyable, but unnecessary. I didn’t feel the want to be up there that I always had when I had lived in Sioux Falls/Brookings. It was time for God to use someone else and time for me to move on.

The same went for Oasis that evening. Through it all, I was able to close that door on my life and move forward to continuing the next chapter. I can’t wait to see all that God has in store for us!