Daily Archives: April 28, 2011

Week 5: This No Longer Feels Like a Vacation

I’ve officially been here over a month and the reality of this adventure is just now sinking in. Maybe that goes hand in hand with the fact that in less than a week, the rest of the group from Brookings, SD will be moving here and the time I spent checking out local hot spots will be limited as we’ll begin working on solidifying the ground work for The Vine.

During this interim, I’ve found myself pondering several questions as I have no idea what any of the details are…other than that I’m playing keys and that the church will be in Minneapolis…somewhere. Will I play a vital part in this church plant? A part more than just the keyboard player? Or will that be it? What does God have in store for me; in this time/season of my life? Or, what does He have in store for us?