Daily Archives: April 1, 2011

Week 2: Courage and a Daring Adventure

Helen Keller once said that “life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.”

I would like think I’ve lived my life in that way (or at least am starting to). I’ve told myself to embrace change rather than fight it, not matter how terrified I truly may be. There are moments I actually thrive on it. I even found that God has a tendency to bring a masterpiece out of those moments.

A dear friend and mentor from back “home” told me the following shortly my most recent move to Minneapolis: “I knew few people with as much courage as you posess…” It’s such a blessing to have friends who live out God’s Word (Ephesians 4:29, for example) and are able to touch lives, miles away.

In my first week here, I’m still amazed by the difference between true followers of Christ, those who claim to be Christian and yet don’t live the life and non-believers. People have asked why I moved here (probably wondering why with the winter Minneapolis just experienced) as if I had never experienced snow before. I answer them with the real answer. I’m not here for just a job…God has called me to so much more than that. True followers think it’s great. Others…not so much and seem to think I’ll judge them based on their actions and shove religion down their throats.

I’ve only been in the Twin Cities area a little over a week now and have seen/experienced all of these responses. The hurt and pain I’ve seen make me ache for them. Jesus doesn’t call His people to scrutinize and judge those around them. I grew up with that — I know what it is to be judged the moment you walk in the door…whether it be by your appearance or the different way one chooses to live their life…until the moment you leave. I know…I’ve been there.

And it’s one way I refuse to live. Following Christ is not another religion on the list of world religions. It’s a relationship. One that liberates us from the world we live in…the bondage of sin…and offers the peace, strength and joy needed to live out our daily lives and the boldness to spread the gospel of His word…His Story.

I refuse to be reduced to our culture’s stereotype of what a Christian is and will choose to walk in love; to live in such a way that makes others stand up and take notice…and ask why.

Who am I to judge? Who is anyone for that matter?

I see this entire opportunity as one “daring adventure.” And I am so glad that I’m not traveling this road alone.

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