Week 1: And So It Begins

Adventure: Life is unchartered territory. It reveals its story one moment at a time. ~Lew F. Buscaglia

I knew God was up to something huge when Rick first asked if I would consider moving to Minneapolis along with him and several other individuals from the college minsitry we had spent the last six years serving through to plant a church…the spring of 2011 (or so the plan was). My heart sang out with a resounding “YES!”. Minneapolis was one sport that I wanted to end up in — one city (along with Denver, Chicago and New York City) that I had fallen in love with somewhere during the 26 years of my feeble existance.

it wasn’t until six months later that the reality of it all really hit me. October 2010 brought with it a benefit concert for the Vine (rightly named as the church was a new plant, growing off another church and spreading through the city…at least that was the vision and hope). I had invited several people from my old job, hoping that they would come, and I figured it would be best to advice them of my upcoming venture.

My original plan had been to start looking for a job right after the concert – which may have put me in the Twin City area by Christmas. The very thought of moving during the holidays really turned me off as I’m a huge family person. I couldn’t bring myself to leave then…

I opted to wait until after the start of the new year — turns out, I made the right choice. There wasn’t much in the way of opennings prior to 2011.

January brought with it fear, anxiety, impatience, reservations…and more.

Fear and anxiety over what the future held. Impatience with wanting the thing to be started…now. Fear over starting over again….This would be the fifth time I had gone to a new place where I had little, if any, connections, nor was I familiar with my surroundings.

Granted…I had recently discovered that I thrive on change and challenges…I could do this, God willing.

I was ready to leave the world I knew behind – move on. yet, at the same time, I had reservations due to the fact that I had met someone, was building a new friendship with a girl from work, started going back to Celebrate Wesleyan Church and had been thinking about getting involved while I impatiently waited for the transition to be over. Life definitely has a way of surprising you. All reservations turned out to be short-lived and remained with the winter season.

After a one-week period in February, where I didn’t receive one response to the multitude of applications I had sent out in the job issue at hand, I was forced to sign a three month lease to my apartment to keep the rental payment low. Looking back, I could have waited at least one more week (or a couple of days, at least).

Exactly one week after I signed that lease, a series of events unfolded. One temp agency just down the street from where my grandmother lives called, requesting an interview. They conducted one over the phone, a second in person and had a job on the line by the end of that week. That job…was in downtown Minneapolis…one area I wished to work in.

The rest of February and the start of March flew by in a blur, with the rush to find boxes and pack everything up. The job, location and pay weren’t anything I could really turn down. God was opening doors left and right. The only downside, Wells Fargo wanted me to start as soon as possible and I wanted to do right by my current job in Sioux Falls.

I was able to give a one week notice and found myself packing my life up in boxes to be stored at my parents’ garage and trecking up to Minneapolis on a Sunday, only to start downtown the next day.

First time alone in a big city. First experience with metro transit. First walk around downtown without my grandmother holding my hand…I wasn’t eight any more. And, so began this new adventure God has set before me.

I know not where it leads, just that I will follow.

Luke 18:22b “Come, follow me…”

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